Kamena Vourla 170 km away from Athens and 38 km from Lamia. The area is a combination of contrasts. From the heart of Knimida very close to the hot spring spa waters that contribute to the development of Kamena Vourla.

The vegetation is rich and intense colors of the area along with the beautiful blue sea.  Everywhere springing trees, pines, poplars and oaks Knimida many, willows and sycamores.The buildings of the resort is full of beautiful gardens and flowers for that characterize it as a legitimate "Kipoupoli.

Among Kamena Vourla and the northern tip of Euboea at the Lihadonisia and Round. Islets with beautiful beaches that give the island flavor Maliakos Gulf.

The mild climate of the region starting from the Easter holidays so allow more time for both sea lovers and for the avid mountain excursions.
Focusing Kamena Vourla you can easily reach the snowy Parnassus, Delphi, at Thermopylae, in Sporades, etc.The mineral springs, climate, the combination of mountain and sea attract visitors from Greece and abroad.
Particularly for residents of the basin Attkis a first choice for a weekend away.

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