Kamena Vourla


The Kamena Vourla, are built in a beautiful locality between the mountain and the sea, precisely near the national road Athens-Thessalonica. It is the bigger and more complete tourist resort of entire Central Greece.

The hollidays at the Kamena Vourla are characterized by a plenitude that rare meets anyone. The combination sea - mountain - therapeutic sources, with the easy access in near beaches and islands, excursions in archaeological and historical places, as in graphic villages of Fthiotida, make the hollidays unique. The sightseeing of the widen Municipality of Kamena Vourla are many and various.

One of them, the monastery of Metamorphosis of Sotiros, built in the 11th-12th century m.H., constitutes a priceless historical monument. The view from the abbey to the Maliako gulf is unique. In distance of few kilometres from the abbey is found the Karia, traditional mountainous village with amazing view in around mountainous volumes.

A marvellous occasion for the pilgrims would be to visit the Abbey at the celebration of Metamorphosis of Sotiros on 6 August. Can try amazing doughnut that exist here.

History - Monuments - Sightseeing


Kamena Vourla: Kamena Vourla: At the Omyro the Kamena Vourla and the Kenourgio, were built in the region of ancient city of Thronio, from the other hand Regini is built in the region of ancient Tarfis (homeland of the hero Aianta of Lokrou). As in the ancient times thus and today, the cities they were built near the streams of Voagriou river. From the heart of Knimidas, near the bath city, springs the therapeutic waters that contribute in the growth of Kamena Vourla.
Kenourgio: Beautiful graphic village with hospitable residents. Especially cool for the summertime is the beach of village.

Karia: One of the wonderfull mountainous villages of the region.

Regini: It is far 8 km from the Kamena Vourla, rammed in a splendid nature. The passages are all separate and it leads to the point of meeting with the chieftains 1821 in order to give on 26ht August the battle in the Vasilika. Still they lead to the passages of "Rally AKPOPOLIS". Other sightseeings in the region are the locality called "Palaiokastra", which consist of the ruins of Omiriki city Tarfis.

I.N. Of Metamorphosis of Sotiros (9th - 11th aj.): Monastery with unique murals and heirlooms. At the Ottoman domination, it offered services in the fighters of revolution. Unique the view to the Maliako and the Knimida.

Gastronomy - Entertainment

In the Kamena Vourla can anyone taste fresh fishes from the region in the many graphic taverns along the beach, near the wave, but also captivating local dishes in the restaurants of the region. Here run a lot of hotel units serving therapeutic tourism and not only.

The visitors of all ages can choose to enjoy their coffee or their drink, their ice-cream or the taste local sweets from a large number of cafe bars and cake shops. The walk on the beach is enjoyable at the afternoon and evening hours where it pulse from life. In the near villages (Kenourgio, Karia, Regini) it is offered meets, fishes and local specialite. The tourist port is suitable for mooring and supply in water, fuels, etc.

The growht is rich and colors intensely the region with olive trees, pines, poplars, oaks, willows and planes. Such the climate as the therapeutic springs and the combination of mountain and sea, constitute pole of attraction all seasons.

Cultural - Events

Carnaval events the Carnivals. Festivals in the 27th July of (Agios Panteleimona) and in the 5th August of (Sotiros). Cultural and athletic events the July, between these and swimming crossing of the Maliako from Kamena Vourla across the way of Raches.


Ancient History

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